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September 30, 2012

Excellent Instructional Practice

From the Minnesota Public Schools, recommendations and examples of instruction that "beats the odds" while creating learning success for youngsters.   Movies include lessons on phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, oral comprehension & vocabulary development, writing, and resources.

50 Ways to Learn the ABC's

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful."  ~Mae West

Websites for Youngsters

There's a little bit of something out there for everyone.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can't go wrong when encouraging learners to practice new words in different, sensory-rich ways!

September 22, 2012

GAME: "Rhyme Time"

Fun for one-to-six B-I-N-G-O players who will identify rhyming words and establish essential pre-reading skills.  Why?  Phonemic awareness skills are crucial for reading success.

GAME: "Hickety Pickey Bumblebee"

Help young readers by using this easy-to-remember rhyming game.  Let's play "Hickety Pickety Bumblebee" & emphasize the phonemes (sounds) in words.....familiar ones like student names!
Once they master them, the possibilities are endless.

GAME: Let's Play "Sound Boxes"

Young readers need to be able to recognize the distinct sounds that make up a word. 
This colorful game will give them the chance to distinguish from two to five sounds
in different words.

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Activities & games galore for learners who are developing phonemic awareness  skills- right here!

All About Fall

Look no further for ideas and books that help young children celebrate fall!

September 16, 2012

The Child Entering Kindergarten

What K-students should know
First and last name and parent's first and last name.
Follow instructions from teachers and parents.
Recognize letters (both lowercase and uppercase) and numbers (up to 10).
Communicate wants and needs (like hunger, pain, happiness) through words.
Know basic colors and shapes.
Be able to be apart from parents during the day.
Use the bathroom independently, dress and undress, and wash hands.
Sit quietly for short periods of time.
Solve problems without hitting, biting or yelling.
Show curiosity and enthusiasm for activities like story or art time.

Maturity Matters the Most

The debate of "when" to enroll a child in Kindergarten is faced continually.  Hold them back, or enroll them?  The research is clear:  AGE does not matter as much as DEVELOPMENT.

September 15, 2012

Make Reading Fun for Everyone!

Between the Lions

“The Quiet Machine”
Matching letters to pictures
*beginning sounds
Phonemic awareness
Coloring Pages
Reading and writing
*beginning reader activity
“The Messy Attic”
Picture identification
*listen, then follow directions
Pre- reading skill
“Arty’s Smarty Doors”
*rhyming words
Pre-reading skill
“Dub Cubs”
Rhyming words
*word families
Reading skill
*words with opposite meanings
Reading skill
“Sky Writing”
Letter recognition
*varying styles of the same letter
Reading skill
“Monkey Match”
*letters, sounds, rhymes
Reading skill
“Theo’s Puzzles”
Letter recognition
*consonant puzzles
Puzzles & a video
“Trampolini Game”
Word meanings
*inflectional endings ‘er, ‘est
Reading skill

“Blending Bowl”
Match blends
with endings
*-ack, -an, -ap, -ar, -est, -ick,
-ig, -ip, -it, -ock, -op, -up, -uck
matched up with beginning blends
good for partners
Sam’s Lab”
*this game is self-checking
good for partners
identify missing letters

Pre-reading skill
unscramble letters
*reader uses given
letters to find a solution

101 riddles
phonemic awareness
*listen and read words with the
same short vowel sound

Five sets words
*listen and read book titles
Hints given
“Fuzzy Lion
phonemic awareness
*letter sounds

Six rounds

“Word Play”

good for partners
*read words and then
 “click” to see the action
25 words:
three sets

“Talking Gizmo”
recognize parts
of a sentence
*readers experiment
with sentences and word order
J good for partners
word matching
*listen, then choose a word
Reading skill
Pre-K through
fifth graders
Kids can listen and read along with stories.

Kindergarten Common Core Resources

Teaching Common Core Standards for Kindergarten pupils just got a whole lot easier.  Teachers will find activities, worksheets, and step-by-step research based instructional help to improve learning opportunities for their young learners.

September 8, 2012

Teaching and Learning Sight Words

Welcome to "Cando Flashcards," where finding and assessing a child's knowledge of Fry Sight Words just got a whole lot easier.  Why is this important?  Individual reading fluency and comprehension are greatly enhanced when a youngster can automatically recognize these words.

September 3, 2012

Productive Parenting

This site has activities for newborns to children who are five-years-old.  Membership
is free and we can follow Productive Parenting on Facebook.

September 2, 2012

2012-13 DIBELS Reading Goals

All Parkside pupils are evaluated using goals from the University of Oregon.  There have been recent increases in state and federal standards calling for stronger literacy skills that yield higher-level comprehension processes.  Goals for Kindergarten through grade six are below: